About Us

Hi! I am Manish Chavan, born and brought up in Dapoli, Konkan. An electrical engineer and a software professional, I have always been in love with the beautiful, unexplored beaches of Konkan and of course – the tasty, fresh sea food.

My brother Atul Chavan and our good friend Alok Nagpurkar share my love for this lovely getaway. We all felt a lot of people miss out on this lovely place - just a couple of hours drive from Pune, because they don’t know about it! It was Atul, who first suggested the idea of using the web as a medium to share information about Konkan. Thus, was born. I have begun with Dapoli and slowly plan to expand. If this site gets you thinking on exploring more about this wonderful weekend trip / vacation destination...I shall know that I am on the right track.

I would like to thank Mihir and his team at Infini Artographics who helped us design and develop this website. I wish to learn and improve and am eagerly awaiting your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to contact me at If you wish to share your experiences about trips to Konkan, post photographs, etc., do visit the “Pen Ur Thoughts” section.