Dapoli - Asud


Ancient temples of Shree Keshavraj and Shree Vyagreshwar

Asud Bag mango, coconut & Betel nut Plantations“What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare”…William Henry Davies. This is so true in today’s competitive world as we desperately try to outrun each other in the rat race! Leave those worries far behind for a while and become one with nature. Come to Asud, a perfect remedy for those of you who crave for peace and serenity. The famous ancient temples of Shree Keshavraj and Shree Vyagreshwar are located here. At a distance of just 8 km from Dapoli on the Harnai road, this lovely place really rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

The ancient Shree Keshavraj temple Shree Keshavraj temple is located amidst lush green land, a perennial stream and rolling hills. You can park your car on the Asud Bag road and take a 15 minute trek through coconut, betel nut, mango and cashew trees to reach here. The natural spring originates at the hill top and flows down to the front of the temple supplying water to the stone carved cow mouth (Gomukh) throughout the year. The surroundings are calm and tranquil interrupted only by the harmonious chirping of birds.

The ancient Shree Vyagreshwar templeShree Vyaghreshwar temple lies on the riverbank and is about 1000 years old. You cannot but marvel at the wonderful Hemadpanthi style architecture. A congregation hall leads to the sanctum (Gabhara) which houses a Swayambhu (self-emerged) Shivling. The canopy outside the sanctum is supported on wooden carved pillars. A large sculpture of Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva stands in front. The platform of this temple has sculptures of dancers. There is also a small temple of Kalbhairav. Shree Vyaghreshwar is the family God (Kuladaiwat) of many Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmins, mainly the Ranades.

The entire temple premises are surrounded by a massive stone wall and hills that provide protection from natural disasters. Just outside this wall is a temple of Shree Zolai Devi, the guardian goddess of the village. The beautiful Shree Vyaghreshwar temple is also well known for its reference in the Marathi Novel and movie “Garambicha Bapu”.

How to reach Asud

Asud is situated around 8 km from Dapoli. State Transport (ST) buses run between Dapoli and Asud. The best option is to take an auto rickshaw or drive down. Rented jeeps / cars are also available.

Directions from Dapoli to Asud Bag (Shree Keshavraj temple):
• Take the Harnai road from Dapoli
• After aprox. 5 km from Dapoli turn right towards Shree Keshavraj temple
(Road Route: Dapoli - Gimhavane - Asud Bag)

Directions from Dapoli to Asud (Shree Vyagreshwar temple):
• Take the Harnai road from Dapoli
• Shree Vyagreshwar temple is situated just before reaching "Asud Pul" on a right hand side.
(Road Route: Dapoli - Gimhavane - Asud Bag - Shree Vyagreshwar temple)

Places to Stay:

You can stay in a rented house at Asud.