Experience at "The Gaaj" Bunglow - Dapoli…
(Posted by - Mr and Mrs Phadke, 8th Feb 2008)

Hi to All Nature seekers and lovers of peace and cozyness,

If you are looking for a cozy, peaceful and close to sea beach place, then "The Gaaj" is the right place. The bunglow has got a very personal touch of the hosts Mr and Mrs Bal and if they are there during your visit, then they are the perfect hosts and you would be treated like family with no formalities and complete care....

Interested ? then read on -
We went to dapoli on 2nd feb 08. We were group of 3 couples with three kids. The drive through tamhini ghat was beautiful,though the road was not very good. It took nearly 5hrs from pune to reach dapoli.

But when we reached dapoli and the banglow we had booked"The GAAJ" we were really refreshed and it gave us a very soothing feeling after a 5hrs journey. The banglow "The Gaaj" is situated in karasgaon {Ladghar} about 9km from dapoli. Its a very cosy village with lovely huts and a road winding through the tiny village towards sea beach which is only 3 minutes walk from the Gaaj. The location of the banglow itself is really scenic and the Owners Mr and Mrs Bal the perfect hosts.

The service and hospitality at The Gaaj is very good with a very homely touch. Food served is nice with a country side taste of sea food. The view from the room balcony with some local softdrink is relaxing to the core. And hot countryside seafood with soft music of the sea waves {the gaaj} soothes all of you.

The Gaaj has good contacts with local fishermen and they take you for Dolphin watching or simple fishing/boating trips for a few hundred rupees. The simplicity and warmth of the local people of Dapoli, in itself is a refreshing experience.

Cheers to the cozy and close to nature experience at “The Gaaj”.

Mr and Mrs Phadke
Kothrud Pune

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