Dapoli - Harnai


Dapoli - Harnai - Adventurous Weekend tourist Destination

Rocky Beach of Harnai Situated 15 km from Dapoli, Harnai beach provides a quite and a peaceful experience. It is an isolated stretch that is lined with a fort on its northern end. With natural harbor, clear waters, beautiful seascape and rocky coasts, it promises to be a place for pleasurable holidays. It is becoming a popular tourist spot amongst many visitors from Pune and Mumbai. People love to spend their relaxing vacations here by exploring the deserted beaches and feasting on delicious sea food.

Fishing Harbor of Harnai Harnai port is the main fishing village. Every evening hundreds of fishing boats come back after fishing and gather to auction their catch. The fish auction is the essential trade step between fish landings and the trade. Business worth lakhs of rupees is carried out daily between 4 pm to 7 pm. Loads and loads of Pomfret, kingfish, mackerel, white jumbo prawns, lobsters, squids, sting rays and many more varieties of fish are auctioned and sent to Mumbai, Cochin as well as exported to the international market. You can also participate into the fish auction and bid for fish of your choice. It is an unforgettable experience for all seafood lovers. Watching fish auctions has become one of the major tourist attractions at Harnai.

Suvarnadurg Sea Fort at Harnai From temples to beaches and ancient forts, Harnai has it all. It houses four forts viz. Suvarnadurg, Kanakdurg, Goa Fort and Fategad. Suvarnadurg is a shore fort and surrounded by sea on all sides. It was conquered and refurbished by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1660. It was also a base for the Maratha navy ship-building facility. Suvarnadurg fort was the base for Kanhojee Angrey who was the chief of Maratha Navy. Kanhojee Angrey spent his childhood in Suvarnadurg fort, of which he was later the Governor. He set up powerful fleet of warships to protect the western coast of Konkan from British, French, Dutch and Portuguese attacks. Suvarnadurg fort is a landmark in Konkan.

Fategad at Harnai Kanakdurg Fort is a sub fort of Suvarnadurg and was constructed by Shahu Maharaj in 1710. There are steps to reach to the top of the fort and the fishermen colony situated on Fategad can be seen from here. On one of the highest points on the fort, there is an old lighthouse from which gives a fabulous view of fishing boats, fish auctions, Suvarnadurg fort and beautiful sunset. Earlier this lighthouse was used by fishermen and sailors as a navigation guide towards Harnai Port. Goa fort lies on the way of Harnai harbor. It can be identified by its huge black stoned wall. Suvarnadurg fort and the beautiful sunset can be viewed from this wall.

How to reach Harnai

Reach Harnai State Transport (ST) buses / private shared jeeps, rickshaws run between Dapoli and Murud. You can hire an auto rickshaw or drive down. Rented jeeps / cars are available

Directions from Dapoli to Harnai:
• Take the Harnai road from Dapoli
• Follow this road straight till Harnai ST Stand and after crossing it, turn left
• You will reach Harnai harbor
(Road Route: Dapoli - Gimhavane - Asud Pul (bridge) - Saldure - Palande - Harnai)

Places to Stay:

• Sea Princess at Palande (Phone: 02358 243600)
• Bhavani Residency (Phone: 02358 243058)
You can also stay in beach resorts or hotels at Karde, Murud, Ladghar or Dapoli.