Dapoli - Unhavare


Dapoli - Unhavare - Bathe in natural hot spring

picturesque river and surroundings The delightful Unhavare village is famous for its natural hot springs. It is nestled deep in the heart of a beautiful valley on the bank of a picturesque river and is surrounded by undulating hills, majestic forest and rolling farm land.

Natural Hot SpringsThe boiling spring water bubbles up from deep inside the earth and cascades down into a series of three rock pools and gets cooled by a breeze coming from the river. The hot spring water is clear with just a faint smell and taste of sulphur. The sulphur is said to have medicinal value and can cure some skin diseases. There are shelters available to people for bathing. The origin of the hot spring is considered as a sacred place and has to be visited barefoot.

Rolling farm land at Unhavare On the right side of river is a dense mangrove forest. These mangroves have a threefold advantage - they provide shelter for young fish, stabilize land and form a buffer zone to absorb floodwaters. Located in beautiful natural surroundings, Unhavare is really a must see during your Konkan beach holiday vacations. A bath here is soothing and energizes and invigorates the mind.

How to reach Unhavare

Unhavare is situated around 20 km from Dapoli. State Transport (ST) buses / private shared jeeps run between Dapoli and Unhavare. You can also hire an auto rickshaw or drive down. Rented jeeps / cars are available.

Directions from Dapoli to Unhavare via Panhalekaji:
• From Dapoli bus stand, take the second left at Kelaskar Naka towards Dabhol
• Turn left near Nante towards Panhalekaji
• Turn left after crossing the Panhalekaji bridge where that road meets the main road. This road will take you to Unhavare via Phanasu
(Road Route: Dapoli - Kelaskar Naka - Jalgaon - Nante - Panhalekaji - Phansu - Unhavare)

Directions from Dapoli to Unhavare via Wakawali:
• From Dapoli bus stand proceed towards Khed
• Turn right at Wakawali
• Continue on this road till you reach a 'T' junction (the left branch goes towards Unhavare and the right branch towards Panhalekaji). Turn left towards Unhavare. This road will take you to Unhavare via Phanasu
Road Route: Dapoli - Kumbhve - Wakawali - Gavtale - Phansu - Unhavare

Places to Stay

You can stay in Dapoli.