Konkan Real Estate - Non Agriculture (NA) Plots

We began with the sole aim of sharing information about this beautiful getaway. With the internet exploding, we thought this was a great medium to disseminate information about the lovely beaches, hotels and resorts, etc. situated here. We want to continue our endeavor in real estate too. We will be totally transparent when sharing details about the properties listed. Our sole aim is to act as a bridge between you and the property owners. We will assist you in communicating with the right people.

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Dapoli Properties:

Dapoli Residency - Brahman Wadi, Jalgaon, Dapoli.
The Villa of your dreams in the capital of holidays. Owning your dream villa at Dapoli Residency ensures constant returns for your investment. You can stay at your will and also lease it out to International & Indian tourists who visit Dapoli all round the year. The Value of your Plot at Dapoli Residency appreciates by the day. In fact, it doubles in value every 5 years. For more details click here