Konkan Cuisine - Solkadhi

Solkadhi / Sol Curry
Sol Kadhi – Actually, it should be called “Soul Kadhi” – it will really charge you up with its typical refreshing, tangy and spicily sour taste! It is a great appetizer, however many people prefer sipping it between meals.

Preparation time: 15min.

• Milk of one coconut.
• Kokam halves – 5 to 6 nos.
• 2 green chilies for medium hot taste
• inch ginger piece crushed
• Cumin (Jeere) powder
• 3-4 tbsp Corriander leaves finely chopped
• Salt to taste.

How to prepare Solkadhi
1. To help get your Sol Kadhi the right baby pink color, soak the Kokam halves in     warm water for about half an hour. This helps them turn reddish pink.
2. Thereafter, extract Kokam juice from the halves by squeezing them properly.
3. Add coconut milk to the juice and blend it sufficiently to get a kadhi mixture.
4. To get a good taste, grind the green chilies, Coriander leaves and garlic to make a     fine paste.
5. Add this paste, ginger cumin (jeere) powder to the kadhi mixture (point 3)
6. Add salt to taste.
7. Keep it in the refrigerator (It tastes good without cooling too!)

Delicious Solkadhi is ready! Enjoy you drink with fresh fried fish and rice!

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